This year, Father’s Day holds new meaning for our founder, Marcus Stroman, who welcomed his son, Kai Zen Stroman earlier this year. And Marcus’ experience as a Father has greeted him with rejuvenated purpose, inspiration, and motivation to provide for those he loves.

Marcus took the time to answer a few questions about his experiences through Fatherhood with our community:

How has Fatherhood shifted your mindset? How have your priorities changed since meeting Kai for the first time? 

“Fatherhood has been a blessing in every sense. Kai is a happy baby boy who smiles constantly and wants to be loved. Seeing that smile daily makes all the small stresses of life melt away,” says Marcus. 

What are some of your favorite moments or feelings that Fatherhood has brought you? What has surprised you the most? 

“Fatherhood has given me a deeper perspective in my life, and even greater motivation to provide for my family. Priorities haven’t changed. It’s always been about family, mind, and body," says Marcus.

Whether you’re a Father figure, or are celebrating a Father figure in your life, let this post be a gentle reminder to soak up those moments of togetherness, and create lasting memories with your loved ones.

How are you celebrating Father’s Day? Tell us about your plans on Instagram!

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