Isaac Campa - #FamilyFirst

Isaac Campa - #FamilyFirst

Our #MotivationMonday story comes to you from Isaac Campa. This is a story, not only about Isaac, but about the Campa family!

“It was our 1st out of town tournament. We’re from El Paso, TX and the youngest team in the tournament. My brother and cousin at 17 years young, another cousin at 21, another at 30 and I am 25. We only had one pitcher and catcher! My dad, the coach, is 54 years old and had to play the entire tournament due to two of our players not making it!”

Facing an uphill battle from the start, Isaac and team Campa had confidence in themselves. However, they had no idea how this tournament would end up bringing them closer together.

“From the beginning, we knew it was going to be hard to win due to all we had against us. Our first game we faced the best pitcher in the tournament... and it was my dad who started all the fire we caught for the rest of tournament!!!”

With an opportunity to relive his playing days, 54-year-old Agustin Campa came to play!! Early in that first game, Pop Campa would set the tone!

“He scored on a base hit and slid home!!! None of us knew he could still do that! We had all told him to just take it easy because we didn’t want him to get injured. His next at bat he hits a triple!!!”

Suffice to say, Isaac, his brothers, and his cousins were turned up!! Pop Campa showed these young boys that they would not go down without a fight!

“After you see your father do what you think he couldn’t anymore... that feeling you get is just unexplainable and that’s what lit that spark in my family! We ended up losing that game... but that meant we just had to do it the hard way!”

Unfortunately, all of the excitement would quickly turn. After that game, terrifying news was breaking...

“El Paso TX, was suffering from a mass shooting. My family and I were reaching out to our family back home, hoping they were all okay. It was so shocking and we didn’t want to believe it.”

Having very little knowledge of what exactly was going on back home in El Paso, Isaac and his team had to continue to play games in the tournament.

“As we arrive to the fields for our next game, the other teams were asking us if we had heard what’s going on in our hometown and sending their thoughts and prayers to our families.”

With a clouded mind and heavy heart the Campas continued to battle on the baseball field. Playing the field one inning and checking in on El Paso and their families the next, the Campas would persevere and win 3 games that day!

“Our city was on our minds for the rest of the tournament. We wanted to see El Paso up on that board in 1st place, letting all these teams and Gallup, NM know that we were #ELPASOSTRONG!”

They would go on to win 4 games to make it to the Championship. Through adversity and stress, they would go on to win the Championship game and the Tournament!!

“Each and every single one of us played our hearts out and gave it all we had! Of course we did it for us, but also for our families and our city of El Paso, TX.”

“When you have the HDMH mentality and emotion towards something... ain’t nothing in this world can stop you, can’t bring you down, can’t hold you back and can’t stop you from getting to where you want to be or where you’re trying to get to!”


 We would also like to acknowledge Isaac’s Mom, Cindy Campa, who has been fighting her own battle with breast cancer, while supporting her family on the field. The HDMH Family sends you all of our love and prayers!! 

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