Meet Alyssa - A Warrior

Meet Alyssa - A Warrior

Alyssa’s story begins as a kid…

Alyssa was a healthy kid who enjoyed doing things any normal kid loved to do, like ride her bike and play video games.

“ . . . until one day, I had my first seizure and was diagnosed with epilepsy. Doctors never truly knew why I had seizures, but I always seemed to get them if I didn’t get enough sleep. Just like that, with a blink of an eye, my life suddenly changed.”

With her diagnosis of epilepsy, there were changes she would need to make in her life.

Ride a bike?

“You can, but you have to be supervised.”

Play video games?

“Not a good idea because certain games gave me a headache and the doctors feared I would have a seizure.”

Go swimming with friends on a hot summer day?

“Out of the question because I could drown.”

Life as Alyssa knew it would drastically change forever; or so THEY thought. Alyssa was determined to live a normal life. She could not accept being defined by epilepsy. Along with the help of her parents, Alyssa had to make certain lifestyle changes, including making sure she got enough sleep every night.

“This, in return, helped me become seizure free. I can proudly say I have been seizure free for 20+ years.”

Amazing! The commitment it must have taken to change your life is inspirational to us here at HDMH. It’s a testament to Alyssa’s determination to not be defined by epilepsy.

Alyssa has always loved how Marcus silenced the haters and the people who told him he couldn’t do the things he set his mind to. Alyssa personally relates to Marcus’ comeback after his ACL surgery. Marcus was told he wouldn’t pitch that year, but he fought back and helped pitch the Blue Jays into the playoffs.

“That’s inspirational to me!”

Alyssa was told she couldn’t do certain things because of her epilepsy.

“I silenced the people who told me I couldn’t do certain things because of my epilepsy. Instead I fought back, I did everything they said I couldn’t. I even managed to come back as a warrior and fight epilepsy; a battle that I thought I would never be able to fight.”

We've received numerous messages from those who have been moved by Alyssa's fight!

"Wow. Just WOW! Thank you for the inspiration!" - @janicefedak

I think about the courage and dedication it took Alyssa to succeed in her fight and it is a true inspiration for those who are fighting their own battles everyday. When you hit a wall or have a moment when you are feeling discouraged, Alyssa has a message:

“I just want to say that when if feels like all odds are against you, you fight back. You can do this!"

"YOU GOT THIS!” - @alternator1 

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  • Sam Elsaadi

    I had the privilege of working with Alyssa for a number of years. She is definitely a fighter and a go getter. I’m proud of Alyssa!

  • Danielle Hicknell

    I work with Alyssa and yes she’s she is a go getter. You go McGirl.

  • betty turner

    I know shes a fighter its in our genes shes my beautiful grand daughter

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