On May 27, Club 400 in Chicago hosted an uplifting event, supporting HDMH Foundation as well as Lost Boyz Inc. During the event, our founder Marcus Stroman autographed balls for fans, spent time with members of the community, and everyone celebrated the incredible featured charities, with food, drinks and live music.

But a moment that truly stuck out during this night of uplift and celebration was the attendance of 16-year-old baseball player, George Gouriotis. George has been a member of our community for quite some time, serving as an inspiration to many, and proving that no matter the obstacle life throws your way, you can pursue your dreams. George was the winner of our Club 400 giveaway, and had the opportunity to meet Marcus at the event. And he also took the time to chat with us about overcoming adversity, his experience at the event, and the inspiration behind his passion for baseball. 

How has HDMH inspired you—both in life and in your sport? 

GG: “I believe that the HDMH brand stands for promoting confidence and self-motivation. For Stroman it was believing in himself while others were saying he was too small. For me, it is accepting my diagnosis of Tourette’s* and the challenges it presents. Tourette’s makes school difficult; it makes everyday tasks difficult; it makes most everything just a little more difficult. During these challenging times, baseball has always been my safe place. Whether it is life in general or being on the ball diamond, having an HDMH mindset, I feel I can face adversity and achieve success. I like to think I am proof that even with Tourette’s, you can get good grades, maintain positive friendships, and throw a nasty curveball.”

 *Tourette Syndrome is defined as repetitive and involuntary movements, both physical and vocal. 

Can you tell us a little bit about what it was like to meet Marcus at the Club 400 Event? 

GG: “Meeting Marcus Stroman at the Club 400 Charity event is hard to put into words. I have been following his career for years, from baseball to his HDMH brand. I admire his swagger, his style, and his focus on the mound. I wear his #6 for High School ball and #0 for travel baseball. He was so friendly and personable. I could have talked to him about baseball for hours, from shoes to pitches. It was just too cool. I still cannot believe it!”

What advice would you give to others in the HDMH community who are overcoming an obstacle? 

GG: “Everyone will have a challenge to face or have adversity to overcome. It is important to focus on the positives and be accepting of yourself. Surround yourself with good people that will help you see the good in yourself and others. With an HDMH mindset along with hard work and determination our obstacles can be conquered.”

Not only are we grateful for these immensely inspiring quotes George shared with our community, but we are beyond impressed with the strength and determination George presents in every facet of his life. We will continue to shine a spotlight on this incredible young athlete, and we hope you enjoyed reading about his inspiring journey as much as we have. You’re a source of empowerment for all of us, George! We believe in you always.


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