Meet Jacob - Breaking Stereotypes

Meet Jacob - Breaking Stereotypes

Jacob is a 10-year-old pitcher who already has a 13-strikeout game on his resume. The first of many!!

Jacob’s story starts in 2018.

“Shouldn’t your son be in T-Ball League? He’s too small.” – Some Hater

Jacob overheard someone relay this message to his father when he first started playing baseball in 2018. As you can imagine, Jacob was sad to hear this. He was confused, unsure of why someone would say this about him. Jacob wondered if this was true, asking his dad if he should be in T-Ball?

“No papa – we believe in you. I just want you to try your hardest always.” - Great Dad

Jacob took this to heart! Since that day, Jacob has given everything he has to perfect his craft!

“When I got drafted by my first team, I made sure to listen to my coach, learn from my teammates and never miss a game or practice.”

This commitment to excellence has allowed Jacob to grow and continue to get better each and every day! 

“One year later, I became my team’s pitcher and would you believe, I struck out 13 kids!”

YES! We believe it Jacob. Your dedication is an inspiration to HDMH! With your work ethic, we know you will continue to improve every day!

“This is my story and why I believe in Marcus Stroman and HDMH because it’s me everyday. So thank you Marcus for everything. Your brand reminds me to try my hardest.”

You are an example to so many! Thank you for your courage!

For the young ones and their parents, silence the haters! Never let anyone tell you that you are too small or not good enough!!

BElieve in YOUrself!

“Jacob is a freakin stud! I love his story so much! As a baseball mom and especially a mom of a smaller player, these stories are everything. Strike ‘em out!!!” - @amberblanco5

 Jacob has one last message….

“I definitely am little (still am) – but never too little to strike you out!”

Dear little league hitters – Jacob is ready, are you?

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