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Meet Valerie - A SURVIVOR

Valerie is an accomplished woman who has battled through her life on the road to success!
“The whole HDMH vibe helps give me motivation to just keep pushing forward and achieve my goals and know that nothing so far in life has been able to stop me!”
This statement from Valerie is so powerful because life has certainly tried to stop her. As a young girl, Valerie was often bullied for being small.
“When I was younger I had a growth hormone deficiency, was picked on and pushed around for being tiny, and had to take daily hormone and steroid shots for years.”
These years only made Valerie stronger as she went on to attend college and have a successful career. However, just when she thought her struggles were over, life threw her a heater, up and in!
“Years later while a freshman in college, I got into a very traumatic accident that put me in a coma…”
Doctors gave her a 50% chance of recovery and she required multiple surgeries including two brain surgeries.


“Since then, I have gone on to obtain three degrees, including my MBA. I am working on my CPA and have a successful career – but more importantly, I always have a constant drive to see how far I can push myself against any challenge or curveball life may throw at me.”

WOW… Valerie, THANK YOU!!

You are so inspirational to us here at HDMH and we hope that your story inspires others on this journey we call life.

We received a number of messages from those that have been motivated by your story, some friends, some strangers, but we are all in this TOGETHER!
“She’s seriously the best and has been a fan before Stro came to Queens. Thank you for picking Val. She’s a huge sports fan, she’s intelligent, she’s as loyal as they come when it comes to friends. SHE’S A FIGHTER!!” - @nancyandmj


We know you’ll crush the curveball because you’ve already demolished the high heat!!

If you would like to share your story and be considered for our Motivation Monday Blog posts, please submit your story along with photos and how you relate to the HDMH Movement to one of the following:


Instagram Direct Message: @HDMHApparel

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  • Val is incredible. She is a hustler and nothing holds her back. She is also super fun and always keeps me laughing. Everyone needs a Val in their life!


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