Stony Brook Hospital Health Care Heroes

Stony Brook Hospital Health Care Heroes

Today’s #MotivationMonday story does not come from an individual. It comes from a group of frontline heroes that want to share what an inspiration our community has been to them. As some of you may know, we have an immediate family member who is a Nurse at Stony Brook Hospital. She and her fellow healthcare workers have been logging long hours, some being separated from family for days and weeks at a time. Through it all, the outpouring of love and affection from our community has kept them going.


“I am a student at Setauket. We should be proud and thankful for our loved ones. I thank Doctors and Nurses for everything they’re doing to help people no matter what. We will get through this all. Hope everyone is doing ok in this hard time. Please stay healthy. You’re the best doctors.” – Juliana Kogel




The letters from across Long Island have been flooding the mailroom at Stony Brook Hospital. So much so that the glass windows at the Starbucks in the lobby are covered from top to bottom.

“Dear Stony Brook Doctors and Nurses, We appreciate when you risk your lives to keep the people with the COVID-19 virus safe. We also appreciate the work you do to keep people safe and healthy.” Gregory Vincent Strachovsky, Grade 2, Pines Elementary, Hauppauge




The love and support doesn’t stop at letters. Local pizzerias, delis and restaurants have been providing food for our doctors and nurses daily. Other community members have donated Starbucks gift cards so they can buy coffee and snacks. Nurseries have been donating plants to help brighten up rooms. There are local small business turning their attention to making scrub hats, cloth masks and donating Dr. Scholl’s gel insoles to do what they can to help out.

“The generosity and the support is overwhelming, comforting and very much appreciated! #Believe that our community is making a difference for our health care workers. The daily reminders of the love and support of our community is what motivates us to continue to fight. Without their encouragement, we could not do our jobs!”

Inside the hospital, the support has been something to take note of as well. The bonds that these doctors and nurses are building will last a lifetime. No one can really grasp the day-to-day grind they are going through during this time. It truly is all hands on deck. From one department to another, they have been there for each other. One example is that of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Nurses making thoughtful care bags for the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Nurses.

“What is paramount now is that we have to support each other so we can take care of our patients. We have become each other’s family, especially those of us who have not been able to go home. If our patients can’t have friends or family there, WE ARE THERE!

Our health care heroes at Stony Brook Hospital have a message for us…

“We want to send a special thank you to all of you that have showered us with love, support, donations, and more. Without you, we would not get by each day. You give us the strength to keep going! You’re OUR motivation! #MotivationMonday” 

#InThisTogether #StonyBrookStrong

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  • Lauri Albert

    Thank you for sharing …. we CulinArt/ Starbucks continue to get letters and pics from all over to support the hospital …. We are very proud to work right across from the two ladies pictured above . We only make the coffee but get to witness all their hard work and dedication everyday .♥️

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