It all started with this statement, expressed by MLB star, Marcus Stroman—who always believed his dreams could become the real thing. Even in the face of adversity, and constantly being told he was too short—too short to be a starter at Duke University, too short to be a first-round pick, too short to start in the Big League, too short to be a WBC MVP. Marcus turned all of those “you can’ts” into the motivation he needed to exceed every expectation. And we declare that no matter what challenges you may face in life, they will never measure your abilities, or your heart.


HDMH stands to inspire your passions both on the field, and in every facet of life. We firmly believe that growth and overcoming adversity can be achieved by all who put energy into embracing themselves wholeheartedly. We create inclusive, quality fashion for you to thrive in, no matter where we find you in life or in your sport. We recognize that playing your best doesn’t have an age limit. Or any limit, for that matter.